Configured Fireside Simulators (CFS) are designed for use by engineers who are not experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). CFS gives the real-world engineer the tools needed to optimize and analyze complex furnaces and boilers. CFS models are tailored to the customer’s furnace or boiler and accessed through an intuitive Graphical User Interface. The underlying CFD engine uses REI’s robust, state-of-the-art combustion models.


Cfs models Available For:

  • Utility and Industrial Boilers

  • Chemical Process & Ethylene-cracking furnaces

  • Rotary Kilns, Blast furnaces, Smelters, Stokers, Thermal oxidizers, Incinerators, and Flares

Typical Applications Include:

  • Low NOx firing systems

  • Co-firing coal, gas, oil, biomass

  • Fuel blending and switching

  • Burner balancing and zonal firing

  • Staged air injection and oxygen injection

  • NOx control strategies (SNCR, RRI, SCR, FGR, FLGR)

  • Corrosion

  • Air Toxics

REI’s computational models emphasize the coupling between turbulent fluid mechanics, gas and particle phase reactions, radiation, turbulent particle dispersion, and NOx chemistry. Some of the features that can be built into a CFS tool include: CBK char burnout kinetics; char nitrogen chemistry that includes the influence of local free stream NO concentration; pyrite oxidation and depositions; kinetically limited gas-phase sulfur chemistry; transient flow; adaptive grids; design optimization.

Please contact us for information on how Configured Software can be applied to your system.