REI has recently completed a Department of Energy-sponsored project involving computational modeling of shaped-charge perforation for the oil and gas industry. Using a state-of-the-art geomaterials model and Material Point Method (MPM) High Performance Computing (HPC) modeling framework, our model is able to accurately predict the highly complex physics involved in predicting shaped-charge behavior in various rock types.

REI’s model includes considerations for:

  • Detailed shaped-charge parameters (e.g., explosive type, liner profile, liner material)
  • Calculation of jet formation
  • Detailed rock properties
  • Pore pressure effects
  • Rock stress conditions

REI has successfully used the perforation model to predict depth-of-penetration and penetration as a function of time. These calculations were validated using live-fire Time-of-Arrival (ToA) experiments into rock cores. The perforation modeling capability will enhance well production by providing cloud-based, high-performance computing software to assist in the design and selection of the penetrating charges.