Careers at REI

The phrase "our company's greatest asset is our personnel" is not just a sales pitch at REI, it is a proven fact. REI's problem-solving capabilities are the combination of individual expertise, innovation, diligence and commitment. Unique problems require unique solutions. REI provides unique solutions through highly skilled employees utilizing the best analysis tools available. A large majority of REI personnel have advanced engineering degrees. REI's personnel are multi-skilled professionals who retain the flexibility to contribute to a variety of applications and fill a variety of roles at REI.

REI is a growing R&D consulting firm with an internationally recognized expertise in energy and defense solutions. We are always looking for qualified personnel to join our team. REI typically employs engineers with BS, MS and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Internships are also available.

REI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive salaries, a strong benefit package and excellent working environment. For general information regarding opportunities, contact us at or reach us by following the link below.