Process Modeling

We put our knowledge of combustion, turbulence and chemistry to work for industrial and government clients.

Examples of Process Modeling at REI include:

  • Mass and energy balance calculations for fossil fuel combustion system using REI’s SteamGen Expert process model
  • Heat transfer, flue gas recycle, and mercury behavior in an oxy-combustion retrofit
  • Analyzing an existing industrial process, for example, Combustion and Process Simulation in a Rotary Kiln that was used to guide installation of corrosion-resistant refractory and resulted in a significant reduction in kiln shut downs
  • Optimization and design of new or existing processes using REI’s Computational Workbench or Configured Fireside Simulation (CFS) tools
  • Developing new mathematical descriptions of Mercury Chemistry in power plants or Fuel Chemistry for soot formation
  • Investigation of a novel CO2 capture and sequestration technology involving mineral weathering
  • Gasification of refuse derived fuel
  • Economic impact of air pollution control technologies
  • Mineral matter transformations in fly ash
  • Developing Advanced Computing schemes to make faster, more accurate process models

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