For the Power Industry


CFD ONE™ is three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics software that couples 3-D multiphase reaction, radiation and CFD.  It is intended for modeling three dimensional reacting two-phase flow of gases and particles in complex geometries. Particular emphasis is placed on combustion of pulverized coal and on pollutant formation and destruction.  CFD ONE™ provides mesh generation and CFD simulation engine in a user firendly environment.


  • Complex three-dimensional geometries
  • Polydispersed phases of gases and particles with full mass, momentum and energy coupling between phases
  • Multiple reaction rate processes for coal devolatilization and heterogeneous particle reactions
  • Steady state turbulent flows
  • Mixing and reaction of multiple fuels
  • Full coupling between turbulent fluid mechanics, radiative and convective heat transfer, and chemical reactions
  • Radiative heat transfer for scattering-absorbing-emitting, turbulent, sooting media
  • NOx formation and destruction
  • Variable thermal boundary conditions including adiabatic, thermal resistance
  • Prediction of particle trajectories, concentrations and dispersion
  • Particle deposition

Computational Requirements

CFD ONE™ runs on Windows-based personal computers with minimum 8 GB RAM and 2 GHz CPU.  Enough hard disk space (larger than 10 GB) should be allocated for a run.  Run times range from hours to days depending on implemented CFD model details and user inputs.


Reaction Engineering International provides a quick start training including introduction to CFD ONE™ and discussions on case setup, implemented module/model, and example CFD cases.