CFD Modeling

Reaction Engineering has over 25 years of experience developing and using advanced, high-fidelity, CFD-based simulation codes for a variety of applications. REI provides world-class modeling using in-house, proprietary Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software tools, in addition to commercial modeling tools such as Fluent. REI couples this state-of-the-art simulation software with experienced engineers to provide unique solutions to complex modeling and simulation problems. CFD solutions benefit clients in several ways, including:

  • Improved understanding of how complex systems operate and interact
  • Evaluation of new technologies
  • Evaluation of proposed system design or operational changes
  • Identification of specific problem areas and problem sources
  • Design or guidance of experiments

REI believes that the key to successful problem solving with CFD is the combination of superior modeling tools with expert-level modelers. REI has a staff of experienced engineers that can and have addressed a wide range of highly-complex CFD-related problems. The REI staff is committed to providing accurate, timely solutions to each client’s needs, and can tailor the level of client interaction or type of results provided to suit each client’s needs.

REI works with a variety of clients from industry, research organizations and government agencies. This includes system owners and operators, manufacturers, vendors, developers, and researchers. This breadth of experience allows REI to keep abreast of current developments in CFD technology while retaining an understanding of how to solve real-world problems.