Recovery Boilers

REI provides research and consulting services for kraft recovery furnace applications in the pulp and paper industry. Projects focus on evaluating boiler performance in response to changes in the design and operation of air- and liquor-delivery systems. Issues of particular importance are carryover and fouling of convective heat transfer surfaces. REI's modeling capabilities  include a detailed description of black-liquor combustion and liquids/solids deposition on the furnace walls and char bed. These models include mechanisms for sulfate reduction, sulfide oxidation, as well as carbon oxidation and gasification by CO2 and H2O. Boiler performance issues to be investigated include:

  • Overfire air injection design
  • Carryover and fouling of convective heat transfer surfaces
  • Liquor distribution on bed and walls
  • Smelt quality effected by extent of char burning and smelt reduction

If your application is not among those listed, please contact us to discuss appropriate ways we may be able to work together.