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FireExplorer is a physics-based software package that offers unprecedented ease-of-use for modeling and visualizing fires.

Through funding from the Air Force, REI has developed the FireExplorer® fire simulation software. FireExplorer® offers a full suite of tools for performing fire simulation studies. A user can quickly draw a floor plan of interest, place furniture and other objects within the building and configure fire sources. Simulations can be run on local or distributed computers and the user is able to see the results directly in an interactive 3D graphics window as the simulation proceeds. The tool allows fire professionals to quickly and easily understand fire behavior, review building fire scenarios, and plan responses to firefighting events.


  • Smoke and flame progression using proven Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) from NIST
  • Realistic 3D preview of building geometry and contents
  • Efficient geometry construction using a graphical floor plan editor
  • Helper tools for inputting CAD and image files
  • Built-in library of common furniture items and household devices
  • Remote execution and monitoring
  • Smoke,  toxins and fire progression displayed in an integrated 3D environment


  • Reconstruct fire events
  • Evaluate building designs
  • Train firefighters
  • Assess smoke detection and suppression systems
  • Review occupant egress situations
  • Support development of fire standards and codes
  • Assess heat transfer impact on structures
  • Study impacts of building materials