Advanced Energetics

REI has developed significant expertise in modeling advanced explosives and blast effects for various branches of the DoD, including the Army, Navy (and Marine Corps) and DTRA. REI’s modeling of explosives includes traditional chemical formulations currently in wide-spread use within the military, as well as newer advanced thermobaric explosives. Thermobaric explosives utilize a variety of mechanisms to create an after-burning, combustion process, which significantly enhances the duration of high-temperature effects from the blast, as well as significantly enhanced impulse.


In addition to modeling of the explosives, REI has also has significant expertise modeling blast effects, particularly against military ground vehicles. These simulations cover the complete blast-to-crew scenario, starting with a soil-bound blast, geo-materials modeling of the soil, blast/soil impulse to the vehicle, detailed finite-element modeling of the vehicle response, and finally the resulting effects on the human occupants of the vehicle, which are modeled using advanced finite element formulations.

Through significant R&D efforts, REI has developed proprietary modeling tools for these blast and blast effects applications that are cutting edge. Additionally, REI makes use of proven codes like CTH and LS-DYNA to further our analysis capabilities.

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