Carbon Dioxide

REI has developed expertise in CO2 Control technologies, particularly oxy-combustion. In oxy-combustion, fuel is burned with a combination of pure oxygen and recycled flue gas instead of air. This provides a high quality CO2 stream that would be ready for sequestration or use in enhanced oil recovery activities. REI has extensively studied retrofitting a typical coal-fired boiler for oxy-combustion. The different combustion environment present during oxy-combustion leads to difference in gas volumes, gas heat capacities, flame ignition, radiative heat transfer, particle and acid gas clean up requirements, and potential deposition and fouling issues.

    REI has investigated:

    • Burner Performance
    • Char oxidation
    • Aerosol Formation
    • Slagging & Fouling
    • Corrosion
    • Soot Formation
    • Radiative Heat Transfer
    • Mercury Speciation and Emission